This page is a place for me to record any and all resources that are relevant to me and my PhD. However, I think that at least some of these will also be useful to other PhD students, especially in the field of Quantitative Psychology. I will be adding to this page as I find/think of more.

Quantitative Psychology

List of Summer Courses in Stats and Methods

Using simulation studies to evaluate statistical methods (Paper)

Conferences (With most recent/current dates)

Women in DataScience (Stanford) – March 5, 2018

Women in Analytics (Ohio) – March 15, 2018

NCME (National Council on Measurement in Education) – April 12-16

Women in Analytics (California) – April 13, 2018

AERA (American Educational Research Association) – April 13-17, 2018

Beyond the Professoriate, the Online Career Conference for PhDs – May 5 and May 12, 2018

M3 – May 21-24, 2018

APS – May 24-27, 2018

IMPS (Psychometrics Society) – July 9-13, 2018

EAM (European Association of Methodology) Congress – July 24-27, 2018

APA – August 9-12, 2018

ICPS (International Convention of Psychological Science) – March 7-9, 2019 (Europe)

Mplus User’s Meeting – No date available (Utrecht, Netherlands)

International Multilevel Conference – No date available (Utrecht, Netherlands)

Funding (Not necessarily current, but a place to start looking)

Methodology and Measurement in the Behavioral and Social Sciences (NIH) – Deadlines are Feb 16, Jun 16, and Oct 16, 2018.

APS Fund for Teaching and Public Understanding of Psychological Science – Deadline is March 1, 2018.

Peer Review

APA Reporting Standards for Quantitative Research

APA Reporting Standards for Qualitative, Meta-analytic, and Mixed-Methods Research

Everything you need to write a peer review, right now (PLOS)


RStudio Cheatsheets